What I Do


I offer a free initial consultation by phone or in person to help us determine your unique needs, and if we are a good fit to work together.

My basic services are individually tailored to your grade level and needs. These may include:

  • UNDERSTANDING YOU – Identify strengths, challenges and passions through personalized assessments and interviews, and college choice priorities.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR TRANSCRIPT – Strategize your high school curriculum and course load.
  • PERFECT FIT COLLEGE LISTS – Research and develop data-driven, personalized lists of colleges, schools, programs and gap options that fit both your goals and budget; Generate specialized lists if you want to attend school in the UK, EU or Canada, or if you have learning challenges; Information and coaching for college fairs and campus visits
  • ACCURATE APPLICATIONS – Provide step-by-step guidance through the entire application process, resume and activities development, and school specific requirements. Includes UK, EU, and Canada applications, and gap year programs.
  • SAT vs. ACT – Which is best for you? Test prep & tutoring referrals; Test Optional schools
  • STELLAR ESSAYS – Provide intensive essay development, brainstorming, coaching and editing with a focus on discovering your personal narrative. Determine essay overlaps for college supplements to avoid redundancy and maximize efforts.
  • MEET DEADLINES – Help you stay organized and complete EVERYTHING on time
  • FINANCIAL AID – Review all college Net Cost Calculators, analyze financial options, step-by-step FAFSA and CSS Profile guides, scholarships, and Financial Expert referrals
  • ADVOCACY – Collaborate with your teachers, school counselors, and communicate with local college representatives as needed
  • COLLEGE CHOICE – Provide advice with admissions results and the final May 1 decisions

I provide these and other services through needs-specific packages as described below.
Only need a few hours of advice or essay editing? Hourly rate is $150.

I do not track hours with my Package deals – Choosing a Package is your Best Value.

1) COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL PACKAGE                                   

Begin any time from freshman through junior year. Start early and avoid stress.

I will help you navigate the entire admission process from high school preparation through your postsecondary transition

  • Focus on course selection, extracurricular activities and maximizing your high school transcript
  • In-depth interview and on-going communication to get to know you, learn about your postsecondary needs and potential
  • Individualized student-directed career, interest, aptitude, and college preferences assessments and interpretations
  • Annual grade-specific to-do lists and progress checks
  • Parent update reports and accessible communication
  • Tips and templates to help your teachers with their letters of recommendation
  • SAT/ACT testing advice and score interpretation, tutoring and test preparation referrals, understanding test optional colleges
  • Financial aid, FAFSA and CSS Profile advice, and professional referrals
  • Preparation and presentation of individualized best-fit college lists including customized spreadsheet of pertinent college data comparison tables using variables and individually tailored data, with detailed school descriptions, and tables outlining each school’s specific application requirements an deadlines.
  • Step-by-step guidance through each section of the online common application, coalition application, and specific college applications and supplements
  • Comprehensive guidance through the essay writing process, including understanding the college-specific structure, brainstorming, coaching, and editing of ALL application and college supplement essays
  • Admissions strategies, college tours and college fairs information and tips
  • Help with May 1 decision day

Seamless follow through from our first day together through graduation with without the last minute anxiety.  Best value.

Long distance online option: This support can be done virtually by email, phone and internet-based video conferencing.


Did you wait until senior year?
Get organized, get ready, and get in. Fast-paced college information gathering and admissions guidance through the highest intensity year of the college application process

  • Fast track through comprehensive high school package (above)
  • Explore gap year, post graduate year programs, internships and other last minute options


Would you prefer focused guidance and expert editing with the essay writing process?

  • Guidance through the essay writing process, including understanding the essay structure, brainstorming essay topics, and finding your personal narrative and writing voice
  • Comprehensive coaching and editing of ALL common application essays, college supplements, and scholarship essays
  • Getting all essays, supplements and short answer items final-draft-ready for submission

Long distance online option: This support can be done virtually by email, phone and internet-based video conferencing.


Is your current college situation not optimal? Seeking a change? Grad school plans?

  • Begin with assessments of your interests, values, career, and school preferences
  • Preparation and presentation of individualized best-fit college lists including customized spreadsheet of pertinent college data, detailed school descriptions, and specific application requirements
  • Admissions strategies, college tours and fairs information
  • For Graduate programs, GRE information and preparation referrals
  • Comprehensive brainstorming, coaching, and editing of personal statements, transfer statements, supplements and scholarships, and resume guidance and editing
  • Getting all essays, supplements and personal statements final-draft-ready for submission
  • Exploration of alternative options, gap year, internships, volunteer or travel opportunities, apprenticeship or work experience—guidance through decision process

Long distance online option: This support can be done virtually by email, phone and internet-based video conferencing.

5) INDIVIDUALIZED TRANSITION                                

Services are individually tailored for students beginning any time from freshman year on.
This package includes services described in the Comprehensive High School Package #1 or any of the other packages that are appropriate, with the addition of the following:

  • Assessments of personal academic and social strengths, independent living skills, and post-secondary career, educational, and long-term goals
  • Review of IEP, psychological documentation and 504 accommodations
  • Develop a post-high school transition and long term plan
  • Ongoing scrutiny of and help with high school graduation strategies
  • Teacher and counselor advocacy as needed
  • Exploration of specialized post-secondary programs, colleges and alternative learning settings, career development options, apprenticeships, vocational and employment options
  • Personalized coaching tailored to your individual challenges and passions
  • Options for continued support in postsecondary setting

With a PhD and 4 decades working in special education research, policy analysis and college preparation experience, specializing with youth transitioning to adulthood, I am uniquely qualified to provide individualized transition guidance for students with specific learning disabilities, intellectual, cognitive or neuro-developmental challenges, autism spectrum disorders, or other exceptional needs. This includes gifted and talented, and twice-exceptional students.


Education Maven will communicate with admissions staff for information gathering purposes only, or in rare cases, specific advocacy. But I do not have any special influence with colleges, and cannot and do not guarantee admission to any post-secondary institution.


I consider individual situations. Please feel comfortable inquiring how I can accommodate your specific financial or personal needs.


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