What People Say

Some of my past clients have offered to tell you about their experiences, and I am happy to put you in touch directly. Here are a sample of what people are saying:

  • “Between crew, piano and school, getting organized to get my college application together seemed overwhelming. Phyl helped me come up with a plan and follow through with it, something that hasn’t exactly been my strong suit. I got into my number one choice, Princeton, and couldn’t be happier!”  –Jake B. Princeton ’09
  • “My son decided, rather late in the game, to apply to college [audition for conservatory] for admission after his junior year of high school. Our planning for college admission was suddenly truncated, and our stress level was high. Surprisingly, the most daunting task for our son was writing a compelling essay on one of the topics the schools required, all of which revolved around how life’s hurdles and difficulties had been surmounted. Objectively, our son has had a pleasant and middle class life.We called Dr. Phyl, who had a deep conversation with him.  Our son ultimately wrote about how he turned one of his most public, embarrassing moments into a triumph. He was admitted to his first choice school, and got positive feedback from the Admissions Office about his essay!Dr. Phyl understood what our son had to offer, what would set his application apart, and effectively guided him to tell his story on his applications. Her service is incredibly valuable – strongly recommend!”
    Janis T.  Julliard P’15
  • “Our daughter had her heart set on attending Western Washington University. She loved the campus, the city of Bellingham, and the Fairhaven College program within the university. Unfortunately her grade point average was 3.2 and her SAT scores were not exceptional. Students from previous years had not been accepted there with GPA’s higher than hers. We enlisted Phyllis to help her with the application process to Western and 3 other state universities, and also to help edit her college essays.Had it been my husband and I helping with the application process, our daughter would have taken it as nagging, but she perceived Phyllis’ help as encouragement and motivation.My husband and I were impressed with how Phyllis had her list several activities like figure skating and photography she’d done outside of her school clubs. I’m sure this helped the colleges see her as a well-rounded student.I can’t say enough about the help Phyllis gave our daughter with editing her essays. Our daughter enjoyed creative writing, but like most students in their senior year she felt overwhelmed with assignments and a senior project. Phyllis helped her fine tune each essay so that they came across polished, thoughtful, and from her own voice. Using her experience in education, Phyllis was able to give our daughter constructive feedback in a way that it wasn’t met with defensiveness.Happily, she was accepted into the Fairhaven program at Western and to the 3 other state universities. I believe Phyllis’ work with our daughter helped the evaluators see a student with diverse interests and talents, making her application stand out. We are very pleased to report that our daughter graduated 2 years ago from Western. She has done well academically and socially and is now pursuing a graduate degree in somatic counseling, a subject she is passionate about and would not have been exposed to, had she not gotten into Fairhaven. We cannot thank Phyllis enough.”
    Bonnie M.  Western Washington University P’10
  • “Phyllis Levine worked with my son on his essays. She gently questioned his choice of topics and helped him fine-tune his wording. She backed up her suggestions with her reasoning behind them – which my son appreciated. She got him to think in different ways about his essays without telling him what to write.  Working with her was a great help to him.”
    –Rachel S.   MIT P’16